Cobb Street Ministries

Cobb Street Ministries is a Christian organization established over 30 years ago by Carol and Harvey Paschal in Cobb County, Georgia to meet the needs of homeless women, hurting pregnant women and women with children. This ministry provides emergency shelter, housing, food, clothing, parenting classes, self-help classes, addiction programs, and professional counseling to those who reside on the ministry property and those with needs in the community. Each resident is also offered assistance in obtaining medical and legal assistance, if needed.

Storehouse Ministries

Sandy Plains has a food box for collection of food to donate to Storehouse Ministries. Storehouse Ministries is a vital ministry meeting the practical needs of persons in our communities who fall on hard times. The ministry is designed not only to provide physical food, but spiritual nourishment as well. Storehouse Ministries works with more than 100 Southern Baptist churches and new congregations in the Noonday Baptist Association. Each church helps by donating food and funds to aid those in need.