parents night out

PARENTS NIGHT OUT is a ministry sponsored by the Student Ministry of Sandy Plains Baptist Church. It is provided for parents of newborn children through fifth grade.


Parents sign in their kids at the start time of the event. During this event, a meal will be provided along with recreational activities, a movie and snacks. Children are supervised by a team of adults at all times. The event is over at 9:30 and we ask that all parents pick up their children (no matter how much they might not want to do so).

There is a cost of $10 per child with a max of $25 per family. Proceeds go toward assisting in sending our students to summer camp.

This event requires that the parent complete a Contact Information and Medical Release Form. Once this form has been completed, it will be kept on file through the school calendar year and the parent will simply need to check their child in at the door. Forms are also available at the door and can be filled out prior to check-in.

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