The BIG Event


Our Senior Adults have lived through truly remarkable times, huge technological advances and drastic societal and cultural changes. Our Middle and High School students are living in the world our Senior Adults helped to mold and they have seized it and molded it into their own world —

for better AND for worse.


Our church is made up of people who worship in close proximity but who live worlds apart. Both generations look at the other and scratch their heads and wonder “why are they like that?”

At the end of March, we want to bring these worlds together and have a discussion.


On Friday night, March 23rd, our students will come together for a discussion about The Wisdom of the Ages. Though this is primarily aimed at our students, all are invited to join us.

Our discussion truly begins on Saturday, the 24th. We will have breakfast, lunch and a cookout that night. There will be a series of activities where our senior adults engage in team activities with our students. All of this builds up to our afternoon activities where we will have discussion panels and Q/A session where we all just talk to each other and learn about what teenage life was like back then and now. There will be a BIG activity afterward and we hope you will join us. We need you to register simply so we know how much food to get. Registration forms can be found at the Welcome Center or you can e-mail Gary McEntire at and let him know you want to participate.


FRIDAY, March 23rd

6:30pm Arrive at Church-check in and dinner in fellowship hall

8:00 Games, Activities and Session 1 – The Wisdom of the Ages

10:00 Friday Activities Over

SATURDAY, March 24th

9:00am Breakfast at church

10:00 Morning Activities and Session 2 – Hello, My Name Is…

12:00pm Lunch

1:00 Afternoon Activities

4:30 Dinner at church

5:15 Group Picture / Session 3 – Small Panels / Large Panels


9:45 Saturday Activities Over

SUNDAY, March 25th

9:00am Breakfast at Church

9:45 Sunday School - Session 4

11:00 Church

12:00pm Go home

3:30 Meet at church to go to Heritage Assisted Living

5:00 BIG Event Concludes - No Evening Activities