FUSION - middle school and high school



Do you have music / vocal skills? We are introducing music to our student ministry. We want singers, players, and wanna be singers and players. Anybody and everybody is encouraged to participate. Join us and let's see what we can make.


We are working through an amazing series by Matt Chandler on the book of James. Our study of James will help students: 

  • gain a better understanding of the Book of James and apply its practical wisdom. 
  • learn how to deal with trials and temptations, understanding that enduring adversity ultimately brings joy. 
  • learn to extend mercy, not harsh judgment, to others. 

5:45 pm - MAKING MOVIES!

A big part of our Sunday evening activities are devoted to dreaming up ideas that can turn into video content. Some of the videos will be just fun and / or funny. Some will be designed to promote some upcoming event or some ministry of our church. Most will offer some deeper spiritual truth. 

Students will have different roles in the production of the story. Some will be actors, others will be videographers, others will help with the design, others will help with narration and dialog.

Once produced, these stories will be published on our church YouTube and Facebook pages. Students (and other church members) will be encouraged to link to these videos on their own social media apps and outlets.

contact Gary McEntire with any questions