opportunities for adults

One of the most important things in a church is being together, learning from each other, growing with each other, and walking with each other towards God's purpose for us and our church. That's what our adult opportunities try to do.

  • manly MEN small group

    Our men's group consists simply of men who hang out and do manly things with other men. Sometimes, we eat out, sometimes we grill out. Other times it might be a Wiffle ball home run derby or a night at the shooting range. Sometimes there is FIRE! And along the way, we just might find ourselves getting to know each other on a deeper level as we learn how to be not just men, but men of God.

    Our men are currently on break for the summer.


    Our women's small group is currently on break for the summer.

  • bible studies

    We offer many opportunities for group Bible Studies. On Sunday mornings at 9:30, most of our people engage in Bible Study in our Sunday School classes. We also offer a Wednesday evening study at 6:30 after our fellowship dinner. We have other groups that also meet on a regular basis for study. These opportunities can be found on our church calendar.

  • mission groups

    The mission of our church is to reach out and be Jesus in the lives of the people in the Sandy Plains community. Our church is the staging ground for this effort. However, the mission of our church extends beyond our community. We send money, resources and people all over the world in order to meet physical and spiritual needs.